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10 Best Mobile Testing Tools For Android And Ios To Use In 2022

Flexible test reusability across mobile platforms, API, and Web. Unlike web automation, mobile has a less mature community unable to address some questions. IOS testing with TestComplete requires installing hardware virtualization tools on your Mac. In the case of SeeTest, it is its price so the tool isn’t suitable for small scale projects. In addition, the tool isn’t open source so there’s no room for adjustments. It’s the most thorough check running all the routine tests that can be automated.

Whether you’re battle-testing an iOS or an Android app, you’re looking for automation testing tools that offer robust performance and quick, reliable results. If the testing solution offers cross-platform and multilingual functionality, then that’s a major bonus. No, Selenium can only be used to automate web applications and not mobile or desktop applications directly. But since Selenium is popular, Appium has started supporting all Selenium APIs for testing mobile applications.

Additionally, you can reuse test code between Windows, iOS, and Android test suites. The Scriptless Automation feature of Kobiton helps users generate automated test scripts and run them on several devices parallelly. Another desirable advantage of using Kobiton is it resolves all test failures efficiently and accurately. Interrupt testing ensures that a mobile application can handle all the above interruptions by going into a suspended state while it is working.

Being one of the solid mobile game testing platforms, it allows remote manual access to over 300 real devices running Android before an app is launched. With the increase in smartphone penetration and time spent https://globalcloudteam.com/ on mobile devices, ensuring a seamless mobile app experience is critical. To achieve this, teams must adopt the right testing framework. Popular test automation frameworks include Appium, Calabash, Selendroid.

Creates this platform-specific solution with a flexible and straightforward API; however, it only runs Android UI tests and supports the enhancement of the functionalities. Does its feature sets cover essential mobile-specific testing tasks? From screening, debugging, cross-device execution, artifacts sharing to reporting, visit its technical documentation guide and search for some key features you expect to have. The AI-driven approach of EggPlant utilizes scriptless models and supports the entire testing process, starting from test-case generation to results analytics. EggPlant can test any browser, any device, any technology, and any operating system. Users can install EggPlant on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

Steve Pritchard, IT Consultant for Anglo Liners, claims that such tests are as thorough as manual ones. Calabash enables interactions with the app only for a Ruby-based test framework. As opposed to tool-agnostic Appium, Calabash is tightly coupled with behavior-driven Cucumber, using it to define test scenarios in simple language. This makes it comprehensible even for non-technical team members.

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It has created tough competition between mobile app developers to produce a high-quality and superbly performing app that can satisfy user demands. You can test the performance of the new code, every build app, every deployment, and production. Apptim offers a user-friendly interface to let anyone in the team use it easily. It helps you capture the nitty-gritty of your apps, which will be helpful for developers to pour-over.


Automation is especially cost effective for high volume regression. An interface that enables communication between a mobile device and your computer is called a mobile driver. Developed by Google, both drivers are included in the well-documented Android Testing Support Library.

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It is far more effective to test mobile apps on a real device cloud. BrowserStack provides thousands of mobile devices for QAs to test their apps on. Testers can access native device features and a plethora of helpful elements such as geolocation testing and network throttler. BrowserStack also provides integrations with mobile testing frameworks such as Appium, EarlGrey, and XCUITest to facilitate quick, convenient, and result-oriented testing. Appium is considerably one of the best mobile app testing tools used by most professional testers.

How To Set Up Your Appium Grid

While this is ideal for Android developers, it is also a disadvantage as it limits your stack. Espresso test automation offers an integrated method of execution so the stability of the test cycle is high. Supporting both Android & iOS platforms, Studio is compatible with a variety of operating systems . Apptim offers four different pricing packages – Free, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The Free plan enables only one user to carry out unlimited test sessions, each session 10 minutes long. This plan supports four users and unlimited test sessions, each test session 30 minutes long.

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Debug the mobile pages with the in-house developer tools and get access to browser developer tools. You can communicate with users about the bug through Asana, Trello, JIRA, or move to Gitlab, Github, Slack, etc., directly from LambdaTest. Run test for geo-blocking, geo localization, geo-targeting across 27+ countries, including Japan, India, United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, and more.

What Is A Mobile Application?

As it’s used for black-box testing, there’s no requirement for additional data about the app’s structure or executed classes. The only thing Robotium needs to know is the name of the fundamental class and how to connect to it. Further, we overview the tools that will help you turn the by-hand testing of your app into an automated one.

  • Being a visual testing tool, Eggplant Functional doesn’t require testers to know Android and iOS messages.
  • Katalon offers a full featured test and execution management, dual scripting interfaces for starters and advanced users.
  • Detailed reports, consultations, and even mock survey questions are all in the pack.
  • View recent run details, latest activities, and be ready for scheduled executions.
  • You can execute Tricentis mobile tests on any device, simulator, or emulator on device clouds like Sauce Labs or Perfecto.
  • Order the selectors in a way that ID comes first and XPath comes last, to identify elements quicker.

They’re always willing and very quick to get that scheduled for us. Aimed at assessing the performance of an app in case the CPU usage, system memory, or other hardware specs are reaching their limits. The goal of such tests is to validate the app’s behavior at its peak condition.


The scope of the test has to be automated and decided on the most urgent testing priorities. This surely includes any core component which has been tested even manually. Consider the frequency of testing, business How to Create a Mobile App priority, and what parts are capable of being automated. Smartphone apps are developing more than babies born every day. Due to which both Android and iOS app developers require to stay aware of the pace.

Kobiton allows testers an easy-to-use platform to access real devices for manual and automated testing. Kobiton supports complex gestures, ADB shell commands, geo-location, and device connection management. It also offers real-time insight into logs users can explore and download so issues can be identified and resolved.

In addition, it supports running tests across different operating systems and devices simultaneously. Finally, it has built-in integrations for defect management tools, source control systems, and management solutions. Seamless integration with the widely used CI/CD tools – Integrate with third-party applications to build a robust automation framework.

Protect the application against attacks of the SQL injection type. Make sure the existing client-server configuration provides optimal performance. Check work in the conditions of the “expanded” database, under the normal time.

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Developers can design their own test scripts and use their personal infrastructure for their comfort and convenience. Bitbar testing offers versatile deployment options for distinct types of mobile app developers. Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid mobile applications on both iOS and android platforms.

Ranorex provides instruments to test both iOS and Android apps as well as its own browser to run native tests for mobile apps. Appium is a popular open-source framework used for automated mobile app testing. It allows developers to automate testing of native or hybrid iOS and Android applications. Much like Selenium, Appoium allows QAs to create test scripts in multiple programming languages – Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and C#. We have listed some top mobile application testing tools with their features and prices.

Testing Tools For Mobile Ux

It supports cross-platform testing measures, and the test scripts are written in C#. The best thing about Xamarin.UITest is that it integrates well with most of the Visual Studio Products. TestComplete is a product of SmartBear, a software test automation leader. It offers automated modules for mobile, desktop, and web testing.

Automated Mobile Application Testing Tools

It is one of the popular cross-platform testing tools that allows writing and executing tests on Android and iOS devices. In addition, it is an automated UI testing framework, which allows tests to be written in Ruby using Cucumber. Robotium is a tool for automated testing supporting both native and hybrid Android apps. The framework gives developers enough freedom – you’ll be able to write custom systems, functions, and test scenarios. JMeter is the most widely-used tool for mobile performance testing.

What Should You Consider While Selecting A Mobile Automation Tool?

A mobile app is a web app that can be accessed with a mobile browser. Hybrid app has a wrapper across a “webview” – a native control that allow interaction with online web content. There are mainly two types of testing that can be performed on a Mobile App. 2000+ real device browser combinations available on our public cloud, for successful mobile app testing, or use Private or On-prem version for your enterprise. Get the most accurate results by testing mobile and web applications on the latest devices to ensure awesome customer experience.

The primary goal of laboratory testing is to detect pitfalls when a mobile application utilizes data connections and voice to carry out some functions. With the UFT mobile support, this tool can create mobile automation test scripts. Test script, which has been developed on iOS, can also be used for Android. Record and playback feature allows testers to speed the testing process and produce test scripts in multiple programming languages. Selendroid comes with a useful tool known as Selenium Inspector.

Selendroid is a framework designed for Selenium – a widespread testing tool that allows QA specialists to test multiple Android apps simultaneously and switch between cases. The downside of the tool is that a tester has to write code via Selenium 2 API. After testing the server-side performance of the app, the team runs a code on the physical devices in emulated environments. For example, it’s hard to translate the entire range of movements a touchscreen provides users on a PC emulator.

Performance Testing

Ranorex Studio is a one-stop destination for mobile application testing. More than 4,000 renowned companies use this testing platform to deliver top-notch applications. In addition, Ranorex Studio is the most suitable testing platform for beginners and experts, enabling them to develop tests for mobile, web, and desktop applications.